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Dreaming of rural island life? The Greek island of Antikythera wants to pay three families up to £450 a month to move there – with some caveats.

The island sits between Crete and Kythira in the Aegean Sea, and lucky applicants will also be given a house and a sizeable plot of land in exchange for moving there to boost the local population.

You could get paid £450 per month to live on this Greek island
Via House & Gardens

Presently Antikythera is home to just 24 residents full time and 40 in the summer months, and the Diocese of Kythera is particularly keen to attract people with trades such as baking, building or fishing – and of course, children.

The island’s president, Andreas Harhalakis told ‘We need three young families, large enough to make Antikythera alive and full of children’s voices.’

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