About us

The Spaces is a digital platform exploring new ways to live and work and meeting the people spearheading change. Join us as we peer inside the best buildings across the globe, from co-working clubs and hybrid hotels to new retail hotspots, restaurants, and residencies changing the way we interact with the world.

The Team

Editor-in-chief: Betty Wood
Contributing editors: Ellen Himelfarb, Emily Wright, Thomas Lyons
Visual content editorRosella Degori
Social media editor: Kylie McDowell

Want to contribute to The Spaces?

We encourage freelance pitches from writers, photographers and filmmakers, which can be directed to our editor, Betty Wood. Please include ‘PITCH’ in the subject line of your email and 2-3 short sentences outlining your idea. We’re particularly interested in expanding our ‘How I live’ and ‘How I work’ series, visually showcasing exceptional homes and unorthodox studios in outstanding spaces.

Property listings can be directed to property@thespaces.com. We only select the most interesting and unusual spaces to feature on the site and Instagram channels.

About VF Publishing

VF Publishing is a subsidiary of The Vinyl Factory, an independent British art and music enterprise established in 2001. It launched its first publication, FACT Magazine, in 2003. Now, it is one of the world’s most influential music publications, with a readership in excess of 8 million page views per month.

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