Tiny Alps hut clings to a mountainside like a goat

Defying gravity

Hikers making their way through the Italian Alps can stop off at the Luca Pasqualetti mountain shelter, which sits on the edge of the rock face in the Morion Ridge.

The cabin – which was lifted into place by helicopter and built in memorial to mountaineer Luca Pasqualetti – is located at the top of a peak, more than 3,000 metres up. Architects Roberto Dini and Stefano Girodo designed the prefab in partnership with LEAPfactory, creating a building that can be installed and dismantled easily, and with minimal environmental impact.

There’s room for eight to sleep inside, as well as a dining room next to a fully glazed end that looks out across the nearby mountains.

[H/t Designboom]

Photography: Adele Muscolino
Photography: Adele Muscolino
Photography: Stefano Girodo

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