Courtesy Indiana Landmarks

It was deemed the home of the future at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair, but the House of Tomorrow has been empty since the 1990s. Now it’s looking for a new resident to restore it to its former glory.

George Fred Keck designed the 12-sided home, framing it with floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Guests at the fair paid 10¢ to tour the house and wander around its aeroplane hangar before lingering on the top floor conservatory.

House of Tomorrow, present state
Courtesy Indiana Landmarks

The Indiana property now sits on the shores of Lake Michigan but is in dire need of rehab. Indiana Landmarks has already tapped bKL Architecture to draw up plans to return the home to Keck’s original design – with the addition of some modern conveniences. But the preservation society is looking for someone to cover the costs.

In return for funding the restoration – estimated around $2.5m – the tenant will get a 50-year lease on the property. Architecture enthusiasts can submit their applications directly to Indiana Landmarks.

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