Photo: Philippe Rendu/Hälsinglands Fastighetsbyrå

Sweden is proving its reputation for design continues behind closed doors, as part of a new open house initiative by the Swedish Design Museum.

Photography courtesy of the Swedish Design Museum

The Home Viewing Exhibitions offers a rare chance for visitors to peep at private collections normally kept under lock and key, with ‘typical’ Swedish homes turned into design museums for the day.

British design blogger Niki Brantmark has curated the programme, with featured houses ranging from an island holiday home filled with classic furniture to a summer cottage that’s had many of its traditional features preserved.

Photography: Fastighetbyran

Crucially, all houses are on the market and demonstrate how Swedish design is ‘made for the many’ – as the virtual museum describes it.

Photo: Philippe Rendu/Hälsinglands Fastighetsbyrå
Photography: Fastighetbyran

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