Photography: Boano Prišmontas

Granny pods, backyard cottages, ADUs (auxiliary dwelling units), garden huts, in-law cottages – whatever you call them, this tiny home trend saw an uptake of +159% on Pinterest between 2019/2020, according to stats from the social media platform. And they’ve further soared in popularity over the last 12 months as people look to maximise space and the use of their gardens during the pandemic.

But what are they?

This brand of prefabs comprises detached dwellings that belong to the main house and can be built in the garden because of their small footplates.

The phrase ‘granny pod’ is more common in the US than Europe, where these structures are frequently used as listening rooms, guest accommodation and studios for freelancers working from home, rather than for housing in-laws.

Whether you’re looking for WFH office inspiration, quarantine accommodation, or flexible accommodation to keep elderly relatives near, here are some of the most popular designs we found on Pinterest.

Space of Mind by Studio Puisto

My Room in the Garden by Boano Prišmontas

Work Cabin by Koto

Workstation Cabin by Hello Wood

Mono Mini by Drop Structures

Prefab Pod by Jupe

Living Pod by Jag Virdie

Studypod by Livit

SPACE by Ecocapsule

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