Swedish glass cabin
Photography: Maja Flink

Five people have been sent to live in glass cabins on a remote Swedish island to see whether nature can really help cure stress.

The 72-hour cabin programme is the brainchild of Visit Sweden and the West Sweden Tourist Board. The organisations enlisted researchers Walter Osika and Cecilia Stenfors from Stockholm’s Karolinska Institutet to conduct the case study into how allemansrätten – aka the freedom to roam – can improve mental and physical wellbeing.

‘Year after year, Sweden takes first place in international rankings of countries with the best quality of life,’ says Visit Sweden. ‘The Swedes’ unique relationship with nature is an important part of their well-being, which is why Sweden has created “The 72 Hour Cabin”. The initiative is designed to acquaint visitors with the special bond Swedes have with their natural environment, and to invite the world to experience it too.’

Swedish glass cabin
Photography: Maja Flink

Trainee architect Jeanna Berger designed the glass and timber cabins with Fridh & Hells Bygg AB Construction Company on Henriksholm Island on the premise less is more: the structures have glass walls and ceilings to frame views of the water, and forest and are furnished with just a bed and lamp.

Five stressed-out participants were plucked from Paris, London, Munich, and New York to stay in the off-grid, wifi-less cabins for three days last week and participate in ‘traditional’ Swedish outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing and cooking.

TV presenter Ben Fogle, taxi-driver Marilyne Didier, event coordinator Baqer Keshwani, police officer Steffi Tauscher and travel journalist Chris Leadbeater were each monitored for their stress and happiness levels, and the results of the case study will be published next month.

Thinking about plotting your own stress-busting cabin getaway? Here’s some inspiration…

[Via Inhabitat & Apartment Therapy]

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