Wroclaw’s Biggy restaurant draws on 90s hip-hop culture

It packs a colourful punch

Buck Studio has taken inspiration from 90s American street culture to craft the interiors of Wroclaw’s Biggy restaurant.

A retro, postmodern palette of primary colours sits alongside contemporary minimalist lines at this new burger and pizza bar, which features a mash-up of styles inspired by the idea of hip-hop freestyle.

The Polish eatery, with its graffiti-like neon signs, speckled-effect lino flooring, communal seating areas and tiling, has the unitarian feel of a traditional food bar with the gritty glamour of late-night bars.

Graphic lines in the form of suspended steel mesh screens elegantly frame the long space while creating seating areas.

The Wroclaw-based studio says: ‘Biggy is a place where two extremes have a flashy conversation: the casual vibe of the street food gets along with the elegance of contemporary minimalism.’

Kuźnicza 10, 50-138 Wrocław, Poland

Photography: Buck Studio
Photography: Buck Studio
Photography: Buck Studio

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