Roisin Murphy's 'Ten Miles High' video

London’s ever-changing landscape becomes the personal playground of singer Róisín Murphy in her new self-directed video.

‘Ten Miles High’ is a dizzying tour of the city, exploring both its architectural highlights and its Tube network using a range of editing techniques such as cutting up, reversing and mirroring images.

‘This visual concept comes directly from my rather exuberant love of architecture, something I’ve had a passion for since my teenage years,’ Murphy told Promo News. ‘I live in London and most of my days are spent marvelling at the ever-changing landscape.’

One of the London locations in ‘Ten Miles High’ is Tottenham Court Road station and its Crossrail construction site, around which Murphy parades dressed in hi-vis clothes. The space-age Westminster station and its cavernous, concrete structure also makes an appearance.

Roisin Murphy's 'Ten Miles High' video

A 1971 multi-storey car park on Welbeck Street, Canary Wharf’s DLR station and Tottenham Mews, near BT Tower, are among the other views on offer.

Added Murphy: ‘The desire is to show you how I see things in the here and now and to do so joyously.’

How many places can you spot?

[via The Vinyl Factory]

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