This Frank Lloyd Wright-designed private island comes with its own piece of controversial architectural history.

Situated an hour north of New York, the 10-acre Petre Island is home to two Frank Lloyd Wright houses – a smaller cottage constructed in 1950, and a larger four-bedroom house.

Petre Island, featuring 2 Frank Lloyd Wright homes

But while both are based on plans originally made by the American architect, the larger property was constructed in 2007, almost 50 years after his death.

Wright originally conceived a 5,000 sq m ‘dream house’ on Petre Island but was forced to scale back his vision to a guest cottage due to budget restraints. But when new owner John Massaro purchased the island in 1995, he also inherited the original designs for the larger home.

Petre Island, featuring 2 Frank Lloyd Wright homes

Massaro commissioned architect and Wright scholar Thomas Heinz to turn the preliminary plans into reality on Petre Island. Wright had originally intended for the island home to follow a natural rock formation on the island, and as such rooms are arranged around huge sections of the boulder which protrudes into the space.

The main house includes several decks, outdoor firepits, and a living room and balcony that cantilevers out and over the nearby lake. There’s a boat slip and a rooftop helipad, and built-in furniture in the house also designed by Wright.

Although Massaro insists the home is true to Wright’s original intentions, his decision has proved controversial, with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation refusing to recognise the 2007 building, stating ‘unbuilt works should remain unbuilt’.

Petre Island, featuring 2 Frank Lloyd Wright homes
The interior of the cottage. Via Higgins Group Real Estate via

Petre island is on the market for $14.9m with Higgins Group Real Estate.

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