Holiday home of the week: a cave house in Spain’s Sierra Morena mountains

Enjoy troglodyte living, Spanish style

Casa Tierra is a cavernous holiday home embedded in the foothills of the Sierra Morena mountains in southern Spain.

Design practice Ummo Estudio made use of caves created during the Roman period, which were originally quarried to provide stone for buildings in Villarrubia, Córdoba.

During the 19th and 20th century, the caverns served as accommodation for shepherds and livestock – and even as a makeshift bullfighting ring. Now they’ve been reimagined as a rural retreat for up to four people, available to rent via Cuevas Delpino

Ummo Estudio inserted a series of volumes to ‘fill the gaps’ in the pre-existing limestone structure and create a flowing living space inside the Spanish holiday home.

Casa Tierrra cave holiday home in Spain
Photography: David Vico

Rough stone has been left exposed to form walls and ceilings inside the living room, bedroom and kitchen, contrasted by smooth marble floors and crisp white walls.

To counteract the dark and gloomy nature of the caves, the practice has inserted glass openings that draw light into the heart of the troglodyte dwelling. Fixtures and furniture have been crafted from wood.

Casa Tierrra cave holiday home in Spain
Photography: David Vico

The holiday home is surrounded by a 3,000 sq m circular garden complete with private terrace.

An added benefit of cave living is that Casa Tierra has inbuilt temperature control… Whether it’s the height of summer or the depth of winter, it stays a constant 18-20 ºc.

[Via Design Boom]

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