This dome-shaped tiny home can pop-up anywhere and costs just €20k.

Slovenian firm Smartdome Construction designed the micro-dwelling, which is a dinky 25 sq m and is made from galvanised steel, timber and energy-efficient polycarbonate windows and walls.

Smartdome tiny home

The Jetsons-vibe dome home perches on adjustable steel legs which can be fitted to any terrain – variants include an aqua, ski and tree dome. Its modular, customisable design means that units can be connected together and moved around easily, and its shell can be also be opaque or transparent.

Interiors of the prefab tiny home are also customisable and feature wood finishes and diamond-shaped window openings – but be warned, the dome home doesn’t come with a kitchen or bathrooms as standard, and this will need to be added to the price tag.

Smartdome tiny home

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[Via Inhabitat]

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