This Amsterdam hotel suite pays homage to the city’s floral heritage

Interiors are ‘a love letter’ to the city’s famous tulips

The Pulitzer Hotel in Amsterdam has launched a new, botanical-inspired suite to coincide with the city’s famous tulip season.

Described as ‘a love letter to Amsterdam’s floral heritage’, The Flower Collector’s suite at the Lore Group property launched last month and is based on a 19th-century tulip trader’s home. It combines traditional Dutch design, bespoke furniture and horticultural artwork – all within a 20-minute walk from the city’s flower market.

The walls of the 54 m sq, two-bedroom hotel suite, which mixes Carrara marble, burnished Burwood and brass, are peppered with gilt-framed floral motifs. The bedroom’s deep green walls are covered with columns of framed flower paintings to emulate a Victorian style, purposefully juxtaposing with the lighter, brighter living area. Everything down to the rug on the living room floor—bright pink to represent fallen petals—and the mini bar, which showcases metalwork inspired by the greenhouses at the Dutch Botanical Gardens, takes on the floral theme.

Jacu Strauss, creative director at Lore Group says: ‘Celebrating Dutch floral traditions within the historic setting of Pulitzer Amsterdam has something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. The suite feels like a space unlike any others in the city, and it was such a joy to furnish it with a unique mix of bespoke furniture I designed, vintage pieces I found and a large collection of floral art, including some painted by me and my team.’

Take a look inside the Flower Collector Suite—and the Pulitzer’s other themed suites—in the gallery above.

The Flower Collector suite at the Pulitzer Hotel / Lore Group (c)
The Flower Collector’s suite. Courtesy Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam / Lore Group (c)
Courtesy Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam / Lore Group (c)

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