Image courtesy Copeland Borough Council

England’s Cumbria coast will soon be home to a new artwork by Olafur Eliasson and writer Robert Macfarlane, who have together designed a huge sky mirror.

The piece, entitled Your Daylight Destination, is set to be installed on the Silecroft shoreline, where visitors will enjoy vast reflections of the sun and clouds at low tide. Its circular form is an allusion to Europe’s Neolithic cup and ring carvings, examples of which can be found on boulders in the nearby Lake District.

The artwork relies on a simple mechanism: a 98-foot-long steel basin embedded into the sand that is hidden beneath the sea until the tide recedes and leaves it filled with water. Only early renders have been released so far, but visitors will be able to peer into the surface from a viewing platform.

It would be Eliasson’s first permanent artwork in the UK, with the artist describing the piece as ‘a humble reflection of what is already there – the beach, the water, the sky, the plants and animals – reframed within a space that invites self-discovery in a deep-time perspective.’

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