Creative outfit NONOTAK Studio has transformed Porto Alegre’s Farol Santander culture hub into a glowing artwork for new installation ‘GIANTS’.

NONOTAK Studio comprises visual artist Noemi Schipfer and architect and musician Takami Nakamoto. The duo has been collaborating since late 2011 when they created a mural in the lobby of a public housing building in Paris.

Credit: NONOTAK Studio

Nearly 10 years on, their experiments with kinetic visuals, large-scale AV installations and specialized sound have culminated with audiovisual light and sound installation ‘GIANTS’, which takes over the Stephan Sobczak-designed interiors of the Farol Santander building.

Named for its epic proportion, ‘GIANTS’ uses monolithic light sculptures to illuminate the Porto Alegre building’s Corinthian capitals alongside a soundtrack of sci-fi ambience and bass tones that explore the scale of the space through sound and light.

Credit: NONOTAK Studio
Credit: NONOTAK Studio

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