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Brian Eno and Dan Flavin’s ambient sculptures explore the intersection of light, space and sound

Ambient light and sound converge at London’s Paul Stolper Gallery with the dazzling, ambient show Brian Eno/Dan Flavin.

Exploring the relationship between light, space and sound, the show pairs Eno’s music with Flavin’s evocative light sculptures.

Flavin is known for his minimalist sculptures and installations, using fluorescent light tubes to explore the interplay of light, colour, and space. Several of his untitled assemblages –Untitled (to Barbara Nüsse), 1971, Untitled (for Ad Reinhardt) 2e, 1990, and Untitled (for Eric Zetterquist) 1, 1990 – are on show alongside Eno’s glowing Sharp Soft lightbox series and Ovation floor lights.

Of particular note is Eno’s 2021 sound sculpture, ‘Filopendula’ – a set of speakers designed to look like flowers in a vase.

‘I’ve always loved loudspeakers, just as things,’ Eno says.  ‘Before I joined Roxy Music and when I was in the band in the beginning, I used to buy up old loudspeakers and make new cabinets out of them. I loved seeing how I could change the sound by making the cabinet a different shape.’

‘I thought, why don’t we make speakers like a little event, they’re like flowers. And the sound in ‘Filopendula’ like early versions I made is very distant.’

‘Brian Eno/Dan Flavin’ runs until 25 August 2023 at 31 Museum Street, London 

Installation view of Brian Eno/ Dan Flavin at Paul Stolper Gallery, London. Courtesy the gallery
Dan Flavin, Untitled (for Ad Reinhardt) 1990. Installation view, Paul Stolper Gallery. Photography: courtesy Paul Stolper Gallery

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