Photography: Eva Kaiser

Germany’s creative economy is among the most diverse in the world, home to web designers, artists, writers, musicians and chefs, and anchored by the capital Berlin.

The onset of the pandemic meant that the country’s innovators spent more time at home than usual, turning their apartments into live/work spaces infused with this creative spirit.

Here are some of our favourites.

Blogger Johanna Brüggemann’s home in Northern Germany

Creative Eva Kaiser’s apartment in Warnau

Designer and interior consultant Tim Labenda’s home in Berlin

Art director and photographer Anna Cor’s home in Berlin

Blogger Miriam Stimpfl’s apartment in Berlin

DJ Peggy Gou’s home in Berlin

PR director Tanja Demmerath’s apartment in Berlin

Photographer Caroline Reichel’s home in Berlin

Blogger Jenny Feldman’s home in Hamburg

Blogger Alejandra Malpica’s home near Frankfurt

PR Consultant Christoph Kümmecke’s apartment in Berlin

Blogger Theodora Melnik’s apartment in Berlin

Blogger Marie Nove’s home in Jena

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