After what feels like a lifetime of disruption to the industry, travel is officially back on everyone’s agenda this summer. But two years of conscious contemplation during the pandemic means sustainability and eco-design are just as important as slick architecture and sumptuous minimalism for the modern traveller.

Whether you’re planning a city break or beach-adjacent escape, our Pinterest mood board of eco-conscious design destinations has a sustainable stance that can help you make small, environmentally informed decisions.

From award-winning eco-homes in the Australian bush to off-grid hotels in Mexico’s Oaxaca to Lisbon and Madrid restaurants with eco-friendly interiors and locally-sourced menus. These spaces won’t erase your carbon footprint entirely, but they can inspire a small and thoughtful impact.

Take a closer look below.

Oaxaca’s Monte Uzulu eco-hotel was built with the local water cycle in mind

Jungle retreat 16 Tulum in Mexico epitomises the indoor-outdoor life

Aussie eco-retreat Callignee II is surrounded by native bushlands

Zero waste restaurant Null in Estonia has 99% recyclable interiors

Minimalist desert retreat Casa Mami near California’s Joshua Tree National Park celebrates off-grid living

Liège cabins perch on stilts to preserve the forest floor

Madrid restaurant Mo de Movimiento uses construction waste and reclaimed wood for its interiors

Trees at Tughall cabins in Northumberland go off-grid on the coast

Oaxaca restaurant Moza’be is set within a cactus garden

Eco-conscious ‘hotel in a box’ concept by Koto and Aylott + Van Tromp is designed to disrupt the hospitality industry

London restaurant Fallow is outfitted with recycled materials 

Quebec retreat Hinterhouse celebrates sustainability and locality

Serene spaces to sleep: discover our mood board on Pinterest



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