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The oldest home in Manhattan has hit the market for $8.9m

After remaining in the fabled Stuyvesant family for decades, this 227-year-old New York townhouse is up for sale for the first time ever.

The redbrick home is deeply linked with the history of Manhattan, initially built for Nicholas William Stuyvesant – the great-great-grandson of one of the founders of New Amsterdam. This 17th-century Dutch settlement eventually became New York. The family gave its name to Stuyvesant Street, where the property is located.

Photography: The Corcoran Group

It’s reported to be the oldest single-family home in Manhattan and retains almost all its original layout. Every room has a fireplace, and there are hardwood floors and decorative mouldings aplenty.

A grand studio space crowns the building, with 16-foot ceilings punctured by a skylight. The Corcoran Group is listing 44 Stuyvesant Street for a cool $8.9m.

Photography: The Corcoran Group

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