Courtesy Sony

Courtesy Sony

If you thought Sony’s ‘big announcement’ at this week’s CES 2020 would be about the Playstation 5 console, think again – the Japanese tech giant has launched its first-ever car.

Details on the Sony Vision-S sedan are limited. Still, the company worked with with Bosch, Continental, Genetex, Magna, and Nvidia to design the prototype electric car which was unveiled at the company’s CES 2020 press conference.

Courtesy Sony

The Vision-S has 33 different sensors incorporated into its design and is something of a moving showroom for Sony, illustrating the strength of the Japanese tech conglomerate’s components. These range from camera sensors and 360 audio, to widescreen displays mounted on the headrests.

Looks wise, the Vision-S features a sporty two-tone body with a glass-covered roof, leather steering wheel, and light upholstery that mimics the external colour scheme.

Courtesy Sony

‘This prototype embodies our contribution to the future of mobility,’ said Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida.

It remains unclear whether Sony intends to put the Vision-S into production, or use it as a reference. Watch this space.

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