‘Muscle’, by Gwilym Gold
Director: Eddie Peake

A surreal stillness pervades this film, shot in London’s 180 The Strand. Directed by Eddie Peake, dance artist Fernanda Munoz-Newsome roams around the building’s empty shell with just a kitten, turtle and a bonsai tree for company. Muscle is the first release on Hymn, a new record label founded by Peake and The Vinyl Factory.


‘The Stars Below’, by Seekae
Director: Ian Pons Jewell

A ball pings around a defunct bathhouse in Australian electronic band Seekae’s video for ‘The Stars Below’. Opened in 1911, it sits in a public park in the Bulgarian town of Bankya but has been closed for years. ‘I used to walk by it every day as a teenager, but had never been inside,’ says producer Dobrina Manolova. ‘I had seen some photographs of the interior and knew it was wonderful, so we got in touch with the local mayor and he agreed to open it for our shoot.’


‘Was it You?’, by Adi Ulmansky ft. Borgore
Director: Gal Muggia

Israeli singer Adi Ulmansky spends much of this video in Tel Aviv’s gritty urban spaces but a highlight comes in the shape of an abandoned factory in the outskirts of Jerusalem. The video’s director Gal Muggia came across the site by chance and knows little else about it. ‘We have no idea what the factory was for. It was a mystery even when we were there.’


‘The Clock’, by 8:58
Director: Luke Losey

Actor Cillian Murphy stars in this video from 8:58, a side project of Paul Hartnoll, one half of electro duo Orbital. Murphy plays a character called ‘The Generic Man’ who moves between two of London’s Brutalist landmarks: Robin Hood Gardens and the Barbican Estate.


‘Reconfiguration’, by Other Lives
Director: Ollie Wolf

In American band Other Lives’ latest video, choreographed fencers fight their way around The Laundry, a concrete 1950s industrial building, repurposed as an event space in London’s Hackney.



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