Photography: Renault

A newly unveiled concept car by Renault includes plush armchairs, copper details and a lift that lets it be integrated into the house as an extra room.

Symbioz is designed to replicate the open space and natural lighting travellers are used to in their own homes, and has huge wraparound windows. The model – shown at Frankfurt Motor Show this week – features seating that can be rearranged, much like any other living room, and the car also includes an all-important wi-fi connection.

‘The car becomes a new mobile, multi-purpose living space for the whole family and can be used, open or closed, more fully, even when parked,’ said Stéphane Janin, director of design of concept cars at Renault.

In order to incorporate the Symbioz – which is self-driving, to allow passengers to luxuriate en-route – as an extra living area, it comes with a rotating platform that lets it be moved to various levels of the house. This would allow it to be stored on a roof terrace, perhaps as emergency rain cover, or slotted into the existing living room as a modular add-on.

Renault Symbioz doubles as an extra room for your home
Photography: Renault

It can also share electricity with the home, allowing owners to borrow some backup power in the event of a blackout. Blurring the lines between home and car even further, the Symbioz could also be able to remotely control home appliances – letting drivers put the kettle on or turn up the heating from afar.

According to the brand, Symbioz could be introduced by 2030, with a demo version planned for 2023.

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