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Refik Anadol turns Berlin’s Kraftwerk into a giant AI-generated artwork

Turkish artist Refik Anadol has taken over Berlin’s iconic nightclub Kraftwerk, turning its concrete rooms into an immersive ecosystem of ‘hallucinogenic’ AI-generated artworks.

‘Latent Being’ is a site-specific installation – commissioned by new arts organisation LAS (Light Art Space) – that probes the idea of machine consciousness.

Photography: Rosella Degori

Machine-learning algorithms function as the ‘brain’ of the artwork, using LED lights and lasers to create luminescent sculptures that activate Kraftwerk’s industrial interiors. Its vast concrete walls also act as a giant canvas for a morphing AI-generated ‘painting’ made up of thousands of photographic images. Sensors use real-time data, collected from visitors interacting with the artwork, to create ever-changing patterns and projections inside the architectural space.

Photography: Rosella Degori

‘Machine hallucinated images come to represent the consciousness and hidden layers of the city that otherwise remain unseen’, says Refik Anadol.

Even the accompanying music score, by sound designer Kerim Karaoglu, is AI-generated and includes field’s recordings of Berlin’s soundscapes.

Latent Being is on show until 5 January 2020.

Photography: Rosella Degori
Photography: Rosella Degori

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