Piraña restaurant brings South America to London’s Balham

A new eatery with a retro touch

Sella Concept has designed a South American bar and restaurant in London’s Balham, with a bold colour palette and retro design touches.

Piraña is the latest from the multi-disciplinary studio, following Omar’s Place restaurant in Pimlico and Hackney bar Night Tales.

‘While the food concept touches on South American cuisine, the brief was to create something unique with no particular cultural reference but that invites guests to eat and drink in a relaxed manner throughout the day,’ says Sella Concept co-founder Tatjana von Stein. ‘Our approach rests on colour and flow, creating spaces within spaces to drink and dine.’

Photography: Nicholas Worley

Piraña’s bold, retro scheme is a new direction for the studio. ‘We’ve been tagged with using quite a lot of womb-like shades. In this project we’ve managed to avoid the typecast!’ says co-founder Gayle Noonan. ‘We adore experimenting with new styles and palettes.’

Photography: Nicholas Worley

Every fixture and item of furniture has been custom-designed for the London restaurant – the brainchild of brothers Alastair and Nicholas Heathcote – with the studio also shaping Piraña’s graphic identity.

Photography: Nicholas Worley

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