Everything’s A-OK at Tutto Bene’s first restaurant project, Nightingale

The Mayfair spot is a contemporary version of a classic Vienna coffee house

It’s designed in the colour-du-jour (faded jade) with the textures of the moment: pleats and fluted ridges. Yet Nightingale, launching later this spring in London’s upscale Mayfair neighbourhood, isn’t like other new Mayfair restaurants. It has an avant-garde edge, thanks to the stainless-steel bar and industrial fan shades that light the space as they spin.

The structure of Nightingale’s dining room is also unusual: its ceiling is propped up by a mirrored pillar and suspended on a slant to draw eyes from the cement-tile floors up to the full-height sash windows. It has elements of Asian bistros and New York diners, though its offering is inspired by Central European cafés.

And like Vienna’s famous cafés, diners are encouraged to linger. Designers Felizia Berchtold and Oskar Kohnen of the practice Tutto Bene designed the space and most of the furnishings, with delightful focal points that promote calm.

The steel bar reflects natural light from the 30-seat terrace, and the white fluted walls function as shadow artworks, depending on the time of day. The materials are welcoming whatever time of year—warming in winter and cooling in summer. Tutto Bene’s custom saddle-leather chairs are easy on the bottom.

A high point of the design is, of course, the collection of Satellite pendants with their pleated-fabric shades inspired by Japanese fans. They were built by Tutte Bene along with the geometric sconces. The restaurant hasn’t even opened its doors and it’s already one of London’s favourite spots.

Photography: Ludovic Balay courtesy Tutto Bene Studio

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