Pastel-hued Goa restaurant Mahé takes over a colonial mansion

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The Office of Cognitive Design has revived a colonial mansion in the town of Anjuna, Goa as seafood restaurant Mahé.

The Indo-Portuguese building was constructed in 1881 – as suggested by an engraving in one of the timber beams of its pitched roof. Colonial houses in Goa were traditionally colourful outside but dim inside. OCD has flipped this association at Mahé, whose dark charcoal-green exterior contrasts with the light pinks and sage green shades within.

The breezy restaurant is named after the Pondicherry-owned former French town Mahé – derived from the Malayalam word for the meeting of river and ocean. Chef Sandeep Sreedharan showcases the diverse flavours of India’s coasts on its menu, from Kerala and Goa to Bengal and Tamil Nadu.

Office for Cognitive Design opted for minimalist decor with bespoke Scandinavian-inspired furniture made mainly from metal, to contrast with the building’s wood and stone frame. Origami lamps by Jaipur-based artist Arpan Patel hang in the lobby and dining room. An on-site concept store by Rajasthani design brand Kassa sells handicrafts, jewellery and clothing.

Courtesy Office for Cognitive Design
Courtesy Office for Cognitive Design
Courtesy Office for Cognitive Design

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