Green Box by act_romegialli. Photography: Marcello Mariana

Landscape architecture is a hot topic on Pinterest, ranking high among its top trends. But the practice of designing outdoor environments for living is a highly nuanced one that ranges in scale from parks to gardens, atriums to streetscapes.

Greenery has the power to embed a building in its setting – or conversely, set it apart. Here are some of our favourite pins tagged landscape architecture that show the scale and dynamism of the practice, unifying the built environment with nature.

Green Box by act_romegialli in Italy

Barn conversion by Collectif Encore in France

Villa Fifty-Fifty by Studioninedots in The Netherlands

Casa Mérida by Ludwig Godefroy in Mexico

Room In The City’ by 51N4E in Belgium

Bismarck House by Dangar Barin Smith

Mermaid Multihouse by Partners Hill and Hogg & Lamb in Australia

Entreparotas House by Di Frenna Arquitectos

Chempenai House by WHBC Architects in Kuala Lumpur

Casa Tapihue by Matías Zegers Arquitectos in Chile

Daylesford Longhouse by Partners Hill in Australia

A villa in Tuscany by Emanuela Frattini Magnusson & Pietro Todeschini

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