Yeezy is premiering new album and film Jesus is King, in Los Angeles on 25 October but it’s not just fans of his music that are clamouring to see the spectacle. Art enthusiasts are keen to catch a glimpse inside James Turrell’s much anticipated Roden Crater, which served as the location for the film.

Roden Crater is a 380,000-year-old extinct volcano in Arizona’s Painted Desert that Turrell acquired in the late 1970s. The land artist has spent nearly 50 years turning into his largest Skyspace project yet, removing millions of cubic yards of earth to change its shape, and adding tunnels and chambers from which to view the sky.


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The colossal project is slated for completion in 2024, and will eventually comprise 21 viewing chambers, six tunnels, a restaurant, visitor centre, spa complex and cabins. At its heart will be The Crater’s Eye – a centre-piece chamber, described as an ‘acoustic marvel’.


Kanye West is said to have donated over $10m to the project, which has stalled several times over the decades due to economic pressures. His film poster offers a glimpse the 900-ft-long Alpha Tunnel, which leads into to the East Portal, and is illuminated by low-lights.

The tunnel houses a lens and marble ‘image stone’ that acts as a screen for projections of celestial happenings as well as sunsets and moonsets.

Free tickets for the Jesus Is King Album and Film Experience were released on 23 October via Ticketmaster and immediately ‘sold out’.


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