Inside Bucharest’s jungle-inspired Kane restaurant

The city’s new urban oasis

A rainforest mural and plethora of plants create a jungle theme inside Bucharest’s Kane restaurant that contrasts with the building’s stark industrial shell.

Local architect Bogdan Ciocodeica created the interiors of the eatery on Bucharest’s Strada Tunari. Natural materials and plants reflect the global fusion cuisine on offer in the 74-seat destination.

‘The space is designed as an urban oasis, a lush jungle enclosed in a concrete and steel frame,’ said Ciocodeica. ‘The plants create a strong outdoor connection, at the same time defining a few private, secluded areas.’

Kane World Food Studio – as it’s officially named – features built-in benches around its perimeter, with more casual and flexible seating arranged in front of a bar at the centre of the 180 sq m room.

Kane restaurant in Bucharest
Photography: Andrei Mărgulescu

Concrete flooring and pillars are left exposed to express the building’s basic construction, with glazed tiles, mirror and brass details adding complementary finishes. Ducting and cable trays that weave their way across the ceiling are painted dark green to unify the design.

Furniture made from marble, wood and leather adds a further natural element that works alongside the greenery to soften the scheme. A scene of flora and fauna painted onto one wall by illustrator Christele Begoc completes the jungle theme.

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