Photography: Dongfeng Motor Corporation

Chinese car manufacturer Dongfeng has unveiled its debut off-road electric vehicle, which is heavily inspired by GMC’s classic Hummer H-1.

The Dongfeng Motor Group started license-building the Hummer H-1 in the early 2000s for the Chinese military, where the armoured vehicle was renamed Mengshi or ‘warrior’ car. This month, the company revealed its civilian-market debut – an off-road, 4-wheel steering electric vehicle with a RoboCop shell.

Dongfeng Mengshi is a stand-alone brand, and the car will enter production in 2023 in two versions, the M-Terrain (a bulky five-door SUV) and M-Terrain Sport (a two-door pickup). Chunky, angular features include pronounced fenders, off-road bumpers and tricked-out LED lighting.

Inside, things are utilitarian with a colourful twist. Upholstery is bright orange, while the dash is ultra-minimalist with a large touch-screen control panel.

Photography: Dongfeng Motor Corporation

According to CarScoops, leaked info suggests the fully electric model will have a range of 311 miles, with the output of the ‘Mega Power’ quad electric motors will be over 1,000 hp (735 kW / 1,014 PS) and 16,000 Nm (11,801 lb-ft) of torque, going from 0-62 mph in just 4.2 seconds.

The Mengshi is slated to go into production next year, but it’s unclear whether it’ll be available outside of China.

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