Starter Home No 1, 3106 St Thomas in New Orleans, US, by architecture studio Office of Jonathan Tate. Photography: William Crocker

A decade ago, the term ‘infill architecture’ was an industry term used by architects but few outside the practice. How that’s changed.

Infill architecture is one of our widest searched keywords for 2021. The term has thousands of pins dedicated to this growing specialisation, which seeks to utilise unloved, awkward or overlooked ‘scrap’ plots in the space-starved urban fabric and transform them for new roles.

We’ve profiled infill experts such as all-female London practice vPPR Architects, and covered skinny houses – the most common type of infill architecture, which is commonly used in Japan and is gaining popularity in the West.

Our latest Pinterest mood board highlights a handful of global projects, from Toronto to Tokyo,  laneways to industrial estates. So if you’re seeking inspiration for your own gap house or simply want to feed your curiosity, our Pinterest board on infill architecture is a solid starting point.

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