Navigate your way around Brutalist Berlin

From Le Corbusier’s housing projects to Soviet-era designs

Explore Berlin’s turbulent history through its striking collection of postwar concrete buildings, curated in Blue Crow’s new pocket-sized architectural guide.

Map creator Felix Torkar writes how unique and fertile postwar Berlin was for the era’s architects, for ‘nowhere in the world did the opposing sides of the Cold War converge in such a tight space’, with the city physically and ideologically divided. He also says its architects were subliminally designing fortress-like projects as a response to the threat of nuclear war, particularly prevalent in the German capital.

The innovativeness of Berlin’s brutalist architecture has been underappreciated, leading to them either falling into dilapidation, extensively renovated or flattened by the wrecking ball. There is hope, though, of a brutalist renaissance in the city, Torkar says, pointing to a growing number of historical protection policies and a budding neo-brutalist architectural movement.

Discover Berlin’s most radical concrete buildings.

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