Coworking spaces in far flung locations, including Bali
Roam’s coliving and coworking space in Ubud, Bali. Photography: Roam

Escaping to distant, exotic lands usually goes hand-in-hand with getting away from it all – work in particular. But a new breed of coworking spaces is bringing productivity to the beach.

Equipped with ultra high-speed Wi-Fi, recording rooms, and meeting spaces with ocean views, these are destinations to escape to for weeks – or months – at a time without guilt. Most come with on-site accommodation that could host your entire team for a brainstorming retreat. After all, light-bulb moments are far more likely to strike after a morning dip in the ocean than a metro commute.

Here are the best coworking spaces for true digital nomads.

Skyloft: Costa Rica

Coworking spaces in far flung places - including skyloft in Costa Rica
Courtesy of Skyloft

When you have panoramic views onto the beach and out over the Costa Rican coast from your coworking loft, what more do you need than a scattering of tan-coloured beanbag chairs and low-level crate tables? Modest but not rundown, this is hedonistic simplicity at its best.

Roam: Bali, Miami, Tokyo, London

Roam, Miami. Photography: Alex Dornier

An experimental co-living and co-working community, Roam advocates a subscription-based tribal living set-up. With prices starting from $500 a week, you get access to live/work space at any of the Roam outposts, which include Miami, Bali, Tokyo and London. The ultimate pay-as-you-go global adventure.

Hubud: Bali

Photography: Franz Navarette

Voted one of the Lonely Planet’s top 10 places to work in the world, this bamboo-constructed Balinese coworking retreat has it all; space to work, live and learn in the heart of the jungle with ergonomic chairs thrown in for good measure. There is even access to an on-site crèche.

The Box Jelly: Hawaii

Coworking spaces in far-flung places
Courtesy of The Box Jelly

If you are after more than just desk space, this Honolulu-based coworking space is a remote working dream thanks to bright, innovative add-ons including the sound-proofed ‘phone booth’ for making Skype calls and recording podcasts or the ‘white box’ for events and presentations.

Ko Hub: Thailand

Coworking spaces in far-flung places
Courtesy of Ko Hub

High speed connections in a laid back environment; a match made in tropical coworking heaven – 24/7. Set-up on the island of Koh Lanta, Ko Hub offers dense jungle views from bamboo platforms with ultra high-speed Wi-Fi and a private back-up generator. This lush retreat is one of the best coworking spaces in which to work, live and play.

The Surf Office, Europe

Coworking spaces in far flung places
Courtesy of The Surf Office

If you fancy a break en masse, just a hop, skip and a flight will get your whole team to one of the Surf Office’s live/work/surf retreats. Packages are tailored, concierge services are handled on Slack and you can pick from locations including Barcelona, Lisbon, Madeira and the Gran Canaria.

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