Adjaye Associates’ first US skyscraper rejects New York’s glass-and-steel aesthetic

Its hand-cast concrete skin has an ‘ancient’ feel

Manhattan development 130 William sees Adjaye Associates bring a new design philosophy to the city’s high rises, with its stippled, lava-esque exterior and banks of arched windows.

The 66-story condo is the practice’s first skyscraper in the United States and is designed as a ‘vertical microcity’ – encompassing apartments, retail outlets, a gym and a movie theatre.

David Adjaye, who founded the practice over 20 years ago, describes the building as ‘an urban living room’ – gesturing to the public plaza park the development wraps around and its lines of trees and seats.

But perhaps the most striking thing about 130 William is its roughly textured skin, made using tinted, hand-cast concrete that lends the block a lived-in feeling that’s worlds apart from Manhattan’s other slick, glass-encased high rises.

Homes inside 130 William are flooded with light, thanks to the huge bronze-framed windows and, at the penthouse level, feature 14-foot ceilings and wraparound terraces. Adjaye Associates has lavished attention on the interiors, designing fittings, textiles and wallpaper for the apartments and installing marble countertops and tubs.

The New York skyscraper contains 242 apartments in total, with units priced on request via Corcoran.

Photography: Photography: Ivane Katamashvili
Photography: James Wang
Photography: Dror Baldinger

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