A pair of rammed-earth villas dissolve the boundary between jungle and sea in Costa Rica

Achioté treads lightly on the earth but goes big on design

Formafatal designed this pair of Costa Rican holiday homes, which cantilever out from a lush spot high in the jungle above the ocean.

Located in Playa Hermosa, the Achioté villas were constructed using earth excavated from the site to make the building as eco-friendly as possible. Guests are surrounded by nature on all fronts, with the Pacific Ocean stretching out in front and the Costa Rican jungle wrapping itself around both homes.

Both villas are designed to make the most of these views, constructed with clean lines and front terraces that jut away from the cliffside.

Formafatal founder Dagmar Štěpánová also responded to the immediate environment in a more literal way, designing the villas to reflect the energy of the landscape. Jaspis Villa brings in sandy shades that link to the beach below, while Nefrit Villa embraces darker shades more in line with the ground and surrounding jungle.

The Achioté villas start at $800 for a two-night stay and can be booked directly.

Inside Villa Nefrit. Photography: Boys Play Nice
Inside Villa Nefrit. Photography: Boys Play Nice
Photography: Boys Play Nice
Inside Villa Jaspis. Photography: Boys Play Nice

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