Courtesy of Barca Nostra

A ship that sank with hundreds of migrants onboard has relocated to Venice’s Arsenale, as part of artist Christoph Büchel’s Barca Nostra project, on show at the upcoming Biennale.

Only 28 passengers survived when the fishing boat collided with another vessel on its way from Libya to Lampedusa in 2015, with between 700 and 1,100 people losing their lives in the tragedy. The boat was recovered by the Italian government the following year, and is now part of a wider project by the Swiss-Icelandic artist, exploring migration and borders.

The Arsenale

Büchel faced some challenges transporting the ship into Venice, not least navigating the boat’s lack of official owner – or the fact that shipwrecks in Italy are meant to be destroyed.

The vessel will act as a poignant reminder of the disaster and migrant crisis during the course of the 2019 Venice Biennale. Afterwards, Büchel has plans to turn the vessel into a garden of memory in the town of August, Sicily, that will stand as a monument to the people that died on the vessel.

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