5 floating homes for sale right now in London

Offering unique views and a slower pace of living

It’s no secret there’s a housing supply shortage in the UK right now, with a fifth (22%) of homes selling in a week of going on the market, according to property platform Rightmove. But there’s a niche of unique properties that are still in ample supply, especially in London – you just have to look to the city’s waterways to find them.

Floating homes along London’s canals offer a romantic, calming way of life, filled with nature and offbeat views of the capital. And due to their ‘escapist’ vibe and relative affordability, the capital now has networks of flourishing floating communities.

From a newly built narrowboat on Regent’s Canal to a New England-style barge in Wandsworth, here’s our pick of the best houseboats on the market right now. And contrary to popular belief, not all are small – but neither are they always a ‘budget’ option.

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