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It’s not a belated April Fools: a real-life version of the house from UP is now available to rent on house-sharing platform Airbnb, and like its animated counterpart, it will be able to ‘float’.

It’s 15 years since the movie launched in theatres, and to mark the anniversary, Airbnb ‘bought Carl and Ellie’s house’ to rent out. The replica property is located in the red rocks of Abiquiu, New Mexico and has 8,000 balloons tethered to its roof. Like its fictional counterpart, the house can ‘float’ 50 feet above the ground, but the real-life version gets a little help from a hydraulic crane, which lifts the building into the air.

Carl’s House is part of Airbnb’s new ‘Icons’ programme, which brings fictional spaces to life, embraces pop culture, and offers behind-the-scenes access to museums and cultural spaces.

Among the other ‘Icons’ is a recreation of the X-Men mansion in Westchester, a night in the Ferrari museum in Maranello, and a stay at Prince’s house from Purple Rain.

Exclusive, tailored experiences are included with each stay, such as a lap around the track with a professional racing driver for Ferrari, a private living room concert from Doja Cat and an evening with Kevin Hart at his members-only Coramino Live Lounge. Guests at the X-Men mansion can enjoy cocktail-making in the Beast’s lab and combat training from a stunt person.

Airbnb is launching Icons with 11 stays and says it will refresh with new offerings throughout the year. Most will be free and first-come, first-serve (the ones with a fee will cost under $100 per person per night.)

Prince's Purple Rain house
<a href="" target="_blank">Step into X-Men ’97</a> – a recreation of the 2D animated space in Westchester, NY. Credit: Airbnb
Step into X-Men ’97 – a recreation of the 2D animated space in Westchester, NY. Credit: Airbnb

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