Via Conker Living

This ‘conker’ dwelling is designed by a former Rolls-Royce engineer and puts a spherical spin on tiny home living.

‘The Living Pod’ by Jag Virdie – founder of prefab housing company Conker Living – costs from £21,000 and is made from recycled plastic and aluminium, inset with porthole windows. Despite its diminutive 3.9-metre diameter, the cabin can reportedly accommodate a bed, kitchenette and lavatory.

Via Conker Living

The ball-shaped cabin sits on metal stilts, which can be adapted to fit various terrains, while its shape allows for rainwater collection and heat recovery.

Living Pod can also be dressed in different skins, ranging from grass-green camouflage to a black and white soccer ball design, depending on its use and location.

Via Conker Living
Via Conker Living

It’s not the only spherical tiny home out there: in Vancouver, ‘bauble’ hotel rooms have been suspended among the trees at the Qualicum Beach complex.

[Via Designboom]

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