Muji Hut
The Muji hut, courtesy of Muji

If you’re looking for a holiday hideaway, and don’t mind keeping things cosy, there are plenty of tiny homes available that won’t break the bank – provided you have a place to put them, that is.

These cabins are an easy escape from the city, with many designed to help visitors immerse themselves in nature, and some even arriving pre-built.

We’ve put together 10 tiny homes you can buy for under €100k (or approximately $112k), ranging from quickly assembled cabins aimed at the more nomadic, to eco-friendly huts that let would-be owners live off-grid.

ARK Shelter, from €53k

ARK Shelter
Via ARK Shelter

This prefab cabin is designed to blend into any terrain, and relies only on rainwater and wind for power. Its floor-to-ceiling windows bring in plenty of natural light to the tiny home, and while its plywood interiors may be sparse, the hut is delivered fully furnished.

Size: 27 sq m
Assembly time: Delivered assembled
Availability: Europe

Jyubako, by Kengo Kuma, from €28k

Via Kengo Kuma Architects

This mobile home is a chance to own a piece by one of the world’s leading architects – Kengo Kuma – but with a realistic price tag. Designed for Japanese outdoor company Snow Peak, the boxy wood-panelled house has ultra-minimal interiors and fold-out window coverings, and is aimed at those that want to get up close and personal with nature. Currently in development, these tiny homes will be on sale within the next year.

Size: TBC
Assembly time: Delivered assembled
Availability: TBC

Muji Hut, from €24k

Muji Hut
Courtesy of Muji

It’s no surprise that the reigning kings of minimal, Muji, have applied their stripped-back aesthetic to this prefab tiny home. Covered in blackened cedar, and designed to fit into any landscape, the hut has plywood-lined interiors and sliding glass doors. Measuring just 9 sq m, it certainly makes for a cosy cabin, which the company says fits between a permanent home and a holiday hideaway.

Size: 9 sq m
Assembly time: TBC
Availability: Japan

KODA by Kodasema, from €90k

Koda tiny home
Photography: Tönu Tunnel

For those that find it hard to stay in one place for long, Kodasema’s KODA cabin can be assembled and dismantled in less than seven hours, and doesn’t require foundations. It features a glazed wall, a single living space and a mezzanine sleeping area with just enough room for a bed. What this tiny home lacks in luxuries it makes up for in possibilities.

Size: 25 sq m
Assembly time: 4-7 hours
Availability: worldwide

Minim House, from €63.5k

Minim Micro home
Via Minim Homes

Measuring just 25 sq m, the Minim House can be ordered with or without wheels, and is aimed at those that want a hand in personalising their micro home. Its pull-out bed makes the most of the available space – which still offers enough room for a full-size projection screen – and the cabin is also available with a solar package, for those that want off-grid living.

Size: 25 sq m
Assembly time: Delivered assembled
Availability: United States

DublDom 26, from €22.2k

Dubledom DD 1.26 interior
Via Dubldom

With its all-wood interiors and pitched roof, the DublDom 26 brings a country cabin vibe to the world of tiny homes. Suitable as either a holiday getaway or a new permanent home, this 26-sq-m hut only needs a single fire to stay warm. According to the company, this makes it perfect for ‘the hunter in the forest’ or ‘a small company of friends in the mountains’.

Size: 26 sq m
Assembly time: 3 days
Availability: Europe

Cocoon Lite 20, from €67k

Cocoon Lite 20 tiny home
Via Cocoon9

This boxy unit has just enough space for one person, and can double as a retreat and workspace. Cocoon Lite offers a variety of customisable finishes, so you can really make it feel like home, as well as options for solar panels and roof gardens. If you really can’t bear to leave the city, this micro home would work just as well on a roof terrace as it would in the countryside.

Size: 15 sq m
Assembly time: Delivered assembled
Availability: United States

APH80 by Abaton, from €42k

Abaton APH80 tiny home
Via Abaton

Sturdy enough to fit into any environment, the APH80 brings a touch of Brutalism to the tiny homes market, with its cement wood board panelling. The hut has enough room to accommodate two people in its three rooms, and its exterior folds out to give instant access to its surroundings.

Size: 27 sq m
Assembly time: Delivered assembled
Availability: Worldwide

Britespace by Avava, from €53k

Britespace tiny home by Avava
Via Avava

On the larger end of the tiny homes spectrum, Avava’s Britespace dwellings are shipped flat-pack and take around six weeks to assemble. The company uses materials with a low-carbon footprint, and includes electrical systems that can be easily configured for off-grid life. And if space gets tight, Avava says its tiny homes – which come in three sizes – can be easily upgraded when needed.

Size: 25 sq m
Assembly time: 6 weeks
Availability: United States

Casa Invisibile, from €98.5k

Casa Invisible tiny home
Via Casa Invisible

If you want a tiny home that both stands out, and blends in, then this mirror-clad housing ticks the box. Casa Invisibile – which was designed by Austrian studio Delugan Meissl – has a modular interior with a trio of rooms that can be adapted to suit the owner. At 50 sq m, it also offers slightly more space the more cosy cabins on our list.

Size: 50 sq m
Assembly time: Delivered assembled
Availability: Europe

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