This Pays de la Loire holiday home occupies a serene spot between forest and sea

Villa Cayola is nicknamed the treehouse

Whether you want to hike through the forest or bask on the beach, this holiday home in France’s seaside Talmont-Saint-Hilaire offers the best of both worlds.

Paris architect Philippe Rizzotti designed the five-bedroom French villa – available to rent from €1,800 per week via BoutiqueHomes – which is nicknamed The Tree House because of rustic interiors and views over the nearby woods.

The entire home is built using birch plywood, which emphasises its connection with the surrounding forest and creates a warm tone for the interiors. The colour palette is restrained, with a focus on wood and rattan furniture.

A raised living space looks onto the trees that surround Villa Cayola, while an outdoor terrace offers an alfresco dining spot and a birds-eye view of the nearby Cayola Bay. Bedrooms are situated to face the rising sun, guaranteeing early starts for anyone that wants to be up in time to claim a spot on the beach. Downstairs guests can enjoy an indoor pool as well as a Finnish sauna.

And just in case the weather doesn’t hold up, Villa Cayola is well-stocked with backup books and board games.

Courtesy BoutiqueHomes
Courtesy BoutiqueHomes
Courtesy BoutiqueHomes
Courtesy BoutiqueHomes
Courtesy BoutiqueHomes

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