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This Lyon brewery conjures the spirit of Prouvé and Le Corbusier

Lyon’s La Raffinerie brewery draws on the flavours of French Modernism for its contemporary interiors, inspired by the clean lines, shapes and colours of Prouvé, Le Corbusier and Matégot.

UN Studio designed the French haunt, which intends to put a fresh spin on traditional bar interiors – avoiding ‘clichés’ such as brick and leather, and instead embracing modernism and industrialism.

Photography: Aurélien Aumond

La Raffnerie takes cues from Le Corbusier’s ‘architectural polychromy,’ with flashes of yellow, orange and blue appearing throughout the brewery. Steel door surrounds, light fittings, and even the bar itself are daubed in brightly coloured paint.

UN Studio juxtaposed concrete and metal with wood and marble; meanwhile, globe-shaped lamps and stripes of neon lighting illuminate the space. There are still a few hints of the traditional brasserie, though, thanks to mirrored walls and sections of geometrically patterned flooring.

Photography: Aurélien Aumond
Photography: Aurélien Aumond
Photography: Aurélien Aumond

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