Via Cambará Container House

Seeking last-minute Valentine’s Day inspiration? This Brazilian holiday home is designed for couples to enjoy the serene prairie landscapes of Cambará do Sul and is built using recycled shipping containers.

Practice Mégui Dal Bó Arquiteta designed the eco-retreat, dubbed Cambará Container House, in collaboration with its owner, Carina Boff using two 2-ft-long shipping containers, which perch on a brick platform, peeking out across the landscape.

Via Airbnb

Glass sliding doors frame views of Cambará do Sul’s valleys, while interiors of the 365-sq-ft rentals – available via Airbnb from R$240 per night – have a rustic bent with tiled floors and brightly painted furniture. Each cabin is heated by a woodburning stove and has a kitchenette and bathroom.

Guests can enjoy the views of the valley from the balcony or rooftop viewing platform.

Via Airbnb
Via Airbnb
Via Airbnb

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