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Notre-Dame’s fortunes show little sign of improving after medieval stones were nearly stolen from the cathedral mid-restoration.

The building is currently undergoing a five-year reconstruction to repair the damage done during the April 2019 blaze. However, as a result of France’s country-wide ‘lockdown’, the site has been shut down – leaving it vulnerable to a pair of opportunistic thieves.

It’s alleged that the two men attempted to steal stones from the cathedral to sell on the black market. Luckily, guards at the site caught them in the act and turned them over to the police.

French billionaires promise millions to rebuild fire-ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral
The blaze that destroyed muc of Notre Dame Cathedral’s roof, bell tower and medieval interiors. Photography via Creative Commons

It’s not clear when efforts to restore Notre-Dame will resume, or when the cathedral will reopen to its nearly 13 million annual visitors.

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