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The North Pole Igloo Hotel offers a chance to stay atop an arctic glacier but it comes with a long trek and a hefty price tag.

Guests spend two nights in Svalbard before embarking on a two-hour-long helicopter ride to the hotel’s heated glass igloos. The huts are movable, which allows them to be relocated to the safest part of the glacier.

Views of the North Pole
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Once there, all equipment is provided by the hotel, which means guests can kick back and enjoy the views of the Northern lights from beneath their glass roofs.

The igloos are only open via request, and only for the month of April, which also offers the best chance of seeing the aurora borealis. Those keen to visit the world’s northernmost point will have to dig deep, however – a three-night stay costs $105,000.

The North Pole Igloo Hotel is pitched at travellers with an adventurous spirit
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