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Siestas are important business in Spain, but a new nap bar in Madrid is taking sleep to a whole new level…

Siesta & Go offers workers a place to lay their head for their post-lunch snooze – in exchange for a fee.

‘Not all of us are lucky enough to have our home near our workplace so we can go and rest as we want in our free time,’ says the company’s website. ‘Siesta & Go is the first centre in Spain, located in Azca in the financial and commercial heart of Madrid.’

Siesta & Go Madrid
Via Siesta & Go (c)

A private room costs around €14 an hour, while bunk beds in a shared room will set you back about €8-10 per hour. Other options include an armchair to snooze in, and quiet nooks for study.

Customers can walk into Siesta & Go off the street or book in advance, and prices are charged by the minute – five minutes are offered free as courtesy. Monthly promotions are also available.

Clean freaks can relax too: bedsheets are cleaned professionally after every use, and the ‘nap bar’ is open from 11am to 7pm daily. There’s no need for an alarm clock either. Siesta & Go employees will wake you so you don’t miss your afternoon meetings.

Siesta & Go might be the first of its kind in Spain, but the concept of ‘nap bars’ is already popular in Japan and Belgium. In London and New York meanwhile, employers have been debating the issue of ‘napping on the job’ for the last few years, with ‘Sleep Pods’ being mooted as an effective way to relieve workplace tiredness.

[Via Lonely Planet & CN Traveler]

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