Courtesy of Nemo + Ron Gilad (c)

Designer Ron Gilad explores the paradoxical experience and perception of light at Milan Design Week with his sculptural presentation, Enlightenment.

The special project is presented by Nemo at its events space BORGONUOVO19 as part of the lighting brand’s 30th anniversary. Gilad’s unseen works and installation directly challenge preconceptions about how and where light should be used as a medium, playfully eliciting reaction and response from the viewer.

‘The installation offers a dynamic experience resulting from a dialog between the light, the object and the performer,’ says the designer, who is based between Milan and Tel Aviv. ‘It aims to playfully subvert our everyday perceptions of light, form and space, using movement, time and irony, to challenge our preconceptions and open new ways of seeing light objects.’

Embracing joy, whimsy and the unexpected, the sensory installation unfolds as a series of lighting compositions that question and define space. Each element conjures atmosphere and evokes emotions, memory and the senses by manipulating reflection, refraction, diffusion, colour and sound.

Adds the designer: ‘the behaviour of light is choreographed and manipulated, questioning the relationship between the light source and the space it occupies.’

Enlightenment runs until 22 April at Borgonuovo19, Via Borgonuovo 19 Milano

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