Andres Reisinger, 12 Chairs For Meditations. Photo: Alejandro Ramirez Orozco.

Time is the focus of collectable design gallery Nilufar’s ephemeral exhibition at Milan Design Week, which explores how design has evolved from past to present.

Curated by Nilufar founder Nina Yashar, the exhibition contains a series of solo presentations (environments) of contemporary works alongside vintage and historic design works, each acting as a ‘portal’ that transports viewers from past inspirations and iterations to the present day.

Among the highlights at the gallery’s Viale Lancetti space is Allegra Hick’s collection, Metamorphosis, which combines the craft of crotchet with bronzing. Hicks has created the contents of a living room – sofa, coffee table, side tables, a pair of floor lamps and a hanging chandelier – beginning with the act of crochet.

The collection explores Hicks’ interest in materials and transformative processes, with the lighting conceived as orbs of metallic fabrics, playing with the idea of transparency, solidity and strength. The side table meanwhile is crafted out of woven ropes of bronze, and the contents of the space are all expressed in shades of greens and bronze.

Andrés Reisinger and Analogia Project have solo presentations at the Lancetti space too, while over at gallery’s historic Via della Spiga venue, new works by Christian Pellizzari and Lola Montes are exhibited alongside vintage American pieces from the 1960s.

Joe Armitage, Arthur Duff, Gal Gaon, and Irene Goldberg’s new products are also on display, along with new Open Edition creations by Gupica, Anna Karlin, and Federico Peri.

Time Traveler runs from 16–21 April 2024 at Viale Lancetti, 34 and Via della Spiga, 32 Milan.

Andres Reisinger, 12 Chairs For Meditations. Photo: Alejandro Ramirez Orozco.
Filippo Carandini, Keria Lamps. Photo: Filippo Pincolini.
Osanna Visconti. Photo: Filippo Pincolini.

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