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Riyadh opens its doors to tourists with ghostly architecture installation

Following Saudi Arabia’s decision to open the country to international tourism, Riyadh has launched Gharfa – an immersive installation located near one of the city’s key historic sites.

The piece, designed by the Edoardo Tresoldi-founded Studio Studio Studio, is partly inspired by the nearby ruins of the At-Turaif District – A UNESCO World Heritage site, and Saudia Arabia’s first capital.

Photography: Roberto Conte

Wire mesh and carved cork create spaces and paths which visitors can wander through, discovering artworks along the way. Tresoldi plays with perception, using film and projection as well as tangible materials including fabric, carpet and greenery.

Hypnotic sound design by Max Magaldi immerses people in the experience. Individual strands of music can be heard throughout the installation, but the soundtrack can only be listened to in full from the middle of the structure.

Gharfa, in Riyadh’s Diriyah Oasis, is open until 21 December.

Photography: Roberto Conte
Photography: Roberto Conte
Photography: Roberto Conte
Photography: Roberto Conte


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