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You can rent Muller Van Severen’s Ghent home during Design Miami

Belgian design duo Muller Van Severen are recreating their living room at this year’s Design Miami fair – and while they’re away, you can rent their Ghent home.

Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen have teamed up with Airbnb to create ‘A Wild Thing by Muller Van Severen’ at the Florida event, while offering up their real home to the public. The transatlantic project explores the relationship between guest and hosts, and the role objects play in connecting the dots.

Muller Van Severen’s Ghent home is for rent during Design Miami
Photography: Frederik Vercruysse via Airbnb

‘We all love to wander through the homes of unknown people, to look, smell, touch, and imagine the secrets of its owners,’ say the couple.

In Miami, a life-size replica of the couple’s living room will be installed at the Fair, complete with furniture, and treasured artworks – a painting by Hannes Van Severen’s grandfather, a sculpture by Fien Muller’s father and drawings by their children.

Hidden speakers will guide visitors around the installation, revealing stories about their lives and objects, and their hidden meanings. Lightboxes will also reflect the view from the property’s living room windows.

Muller Van Severen’s Ghent home is for rent during Design Miami
Photography: Frederik Vercruysse via Airbnb

Back in Belgium, guests will be able to experience the original. A night in the couple’s Evergem home, near Ghent, costs €200 per night, and gives design enthusiasts the chance to live among artworks and design pieces by the couple. These include Hannes Van Severen’s Tree Sculpture, as well as their seminal Installation S bookshelf and desk.

‘We want to illustrate the invisible connection between the host and the visitor,’ they say. ‘The latter discovers a new universe, a different life similar to their own.’

‘A Wild Thing’ by Muller Van Severen runs from 6-10 December at Design Miami, Meridian Avenue & 19th Street, Miami Beach

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